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OCI plans to work on network adequacy proposal through summer

January 31, 2018 12:19 PM | Deleted user

January 30, Wisconsin Health News

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is drafting a proposal that would update state law and regulations on network adequacy for health insurers. 

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Hizmi said in an email that the agency anticipates working on the proposal through summer. 

Deputy Commissioner J.P. Wieske said the bill is based on work the agency did with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to create model legislation that had the support of consumers, the medical community and the insurers. 

“We felt that modernizing our network adequacy procedures to reflect that model made some sense,” he said at a Wisconsin Health News event last month. He said current rules are “very complicated” and that the legislation would simplify the process. 

The legislation would ensure that insurers have adequate networks to provide care and that consumers have access to care they need in-network, he said.

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