WACEP Committees

Committee involvement offers members of the Wisconsin Chapter, ACEP an opportunity to contribute to the efforts of the organization while interacting with other members who share common interests. Committee participation is a great way for members to network, share ideas and further WACEP’s strategic initiatives.

legislative committee

The WACEP Legislative Committee works closely with and provide direction to the organization's lobbyist(s) to: 1) monitor and influence legislation that affects the practice of emergency medicine; and 2) educate and inform WACEP membership on advocacy efforts.

Lisa Maurer, MD, Chair

Mike Becker, MD

Brad Burmeister, MD

Ryan Thompson, MD

Mike Repplinger, MD


Physician leaders from both WACEP and the Wisconsin Psychiatric Association (WPA) have joined forces to address issues pertaining to quality of care, patient safety and external stakeholder satisfaction. In addition to projects and work products, the task force also aims to be a primary source of subject matter expertise to law makers and those associated with policy oversight. WACEP participants include:

Mike Repplinger, MD, Co-Chair

Howie Croft, MD

Sue Good, MD

Aurora Lybeck, MD

Ryan Thompson, MD

Chris Torkilsen, MD

conference committee

Jamie Schneider, MD

Ryan Thompson, MD
Matthew Stampfl, MD


The WACEP Membership Committee works in tandem with ACEP to lead efforts related to recruitment and retention of members. 

Brad Burmeister, MD

Lisa Maurer, MD

finance committee

Matt Mokrohisky, MD

Brad Burmeister, MD

Jeff Pothof, MD

Dana Resop, MD

Ryan Thompson, MD

nominating committee

Jeff Pothof, MD

Lisa Maurer, MD

Bobby Redwood, MD

WACEP Mbrs on ACEP Committees (2021)

Bylaws Committee
Michael Dean Repplinger, MD, PhD, FACEP
CEDR - Clinical Emergency Data Registry Committee
Azita Hamedani, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP
Education Committee 
Shannon Burke, MD
Emergency Medicine Practice Committee
Azita Hamedani, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP
Ethics Committee
Arthur R Derse, MD, JD, FACEP
International Emergency Medicine Committee
Janis P Tupesis, MD, FACEP
IT Committee
Edward N Barthell, MD, FACEP
Michael L Becker, MD, FACEP
Quality and Patient Safety Committee
Azita Hamedani, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP
Brian Sharp, MD, FACEP
Reimbursement Committee
Lisa J Maurer, MD, FACEP
Research Committee 
Michael Dean Repplinger, MD, PhD, FACEP
Manish N Shah, MD, FACEP
State Legislative/Regulatory Committee
Bradley Burmeister, MD
Lisa J Maurer, MD, FACEP
Well-Being Committee
Lei Lei, MD