Past President's Award

2023 Past President's Award:
Brian Sharp, MD, FACEP

Under Dr. Sharp's extraordinary leadership, the organization realized some very successful advocacy wins, continued to provide educational and networking opportunities including the Annual Spring Symposium.  He worked to support WACEP membership in a variety of ways and served as a vital role in advocacy and leadership. WACEP is proud to call Dr. Sharp one of our own, and is grateful for his service as President in 2022.

Past Presidents

2022 Brian Sharp, MD, FACEP

2021 Brad Burmeister, MD, FACEP

2020 Ryan Thompson, MD, FACEP

2019 Jeff Pothof, MD, FACEP

2018 Lisa Maurer, MD, FACEP

2017 Bobby Redwood, MD, MPH, FACEP

2016 Bobby Redwood, MD, MPH, FACEP

2015 Gert Hasselhof, MD, FACEP

2014 Nestor Rodriguez, MD

2013 Michael Repplinger, MD, PhD, FACEP

2012 Azita Hamedani, MD, FACEP

2011 Azita Hamedani, MD, FACEP

2010 William C. Haselow, MD, FACEP

2009 Howard J. Croft, MD, FACEP

2008 Timothy S. Pavek, MD, FACEP

2007 Thomas J. Dietrich, MD, FACEP

2006 Christine M. Duranceu, MD

2005-2006 William D. Falco, MD, FACEP

2004-2005 William D. Falco, MD, FACEP

2003-2004 Richard J. Shimp, MD, FACEP

2002-2003 Thomas Luetzow, MD, FACEP

2001-2002 Gary Swart, MD, FACEP

2000-2001 Thomas Zoch, MD, FACEP

1999-2000 Howard Croft, MD, FACEP

1998-1999 William Haselow, MD, FACEP

1997-1998 Jill P. Harman, MD

1996-1997 Don Dixon, MD

1995-1996 Edward Barthell, MD, FACEP

1994-1995 Steven Driggers, MD

1993-1994 Joseph Hodgson, MD

1992-1993 Thomas Luetzow, MD, FACEP

1991-1992 Dean Stueland, MD

1990-1991 Thomas Luetzow, MD, FACEP

1989-1990 John E. Whitcomb, MD

1988-1989 John J. Maher, MD

1987-1988 Mark J. Mirick, MD, FACEP

1986-1987 Milton R. McMillen, MD, FACEP

1985-1986 Albert S. Yee, MD

1984-1985 Mark Olsky, MD, FACEP

1983-1984 Gary L. Gerschke, MD, FACEP

1982-1983 Fred Klemm, MD

1981-1982 Thomas Reminga, MD, FACEP

1980-1981 Thomas Reminga, MD, FACEP

1978-1979 Gordon L. Johnson, MD

1977-1978 C. Randolph Turner, MD

1976-1977 Charles Stiehl, MD

1975-1976 Charles Stiehl, MD

1974-1975 Charles Stiehl, MD

1973-1974 Joseph R. Caton, MD

1972-1973 Joseph R. Caton, MD

1971-1972 C. J. Kienzle, MD

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