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May 18, 2022 1:31 PM | Anonymous

Wisconsin ACEP PAC Short of Fundraising Goal

The Wisconsin Emergency Medicine PAC Board has set a goal of $20,000 to be raised this election cycle. This is a very important cycle as many offices are up for re-election at the state level and because we recently had a significant number of legislative wins. The PAC is another avenue to continue building relationships with our legislators. We currently have $15,000 raised which is a fantastic amount but we are hoping to do a bit more to extend our influence.

The PAC supports bipartisan candidates as well as party committees. Funds typically support candidates who have demonstrated positions on issues important to emergency physicians or serve on relevant legislative committees.

PAC contributions can be made via PayPal or by mail with this PAC contribution form.

Donate Online

Consider joining many of your peers with a monthly recurring donation! This stability ensures the ongoing ability of our PAC to respond to needs even after the conventional fund-raising season is over.

Recommended Annual Donation Levels:

  • $500 (~$42/month) – Match the commitment made by the WACEP Board members
  • $365 (~31/month) – Participate at the “Dollar a Day” Level
  • $200 ($17/month) – Can’t swing the dollar a day? $200 makes a huge impact for us still!
  • $60 ($5/month) – Residents are encouraged to consider a $5/month contribution
  • Other – Any amount helps!